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North Georgia Family Partners (NGFP), A Chapter of Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, is a non-profit, community-based organization whose mission is to prevent child abuse and neglect in all its forms in Pickens County.

NGFP provides support and education to those families who need a little help to get moving in the best direction, as well as group classes and in-home support for those involved in our Appalachian Judicial Circuit Accountability Courts. We also work with families referred by DFCS as an additional resource for families in crisis.

As always, we need your help and support to achieve our goals, and we are grateful for all our Community does to help the families of Pickens County grow stronger. What benefits our families benefit our community!

Parenting is hard! We work to make parenting less stressful for parents, kids, and everyone. We offer home visitation, resources, and group connections focusing on parent-child interaction, communication, healthy discipline, and more.

NGFP has served Pickens County since 1996, beginning as an all-volunteer group emphasizing parenting classes and community education. In 1981 we began the Parents as Teachers Program. In 2011, Healthy Families and 2020 Life Skill Skill classes for Appalachian Judicial Accountability Courts. Today, the organization includes a 7-member Board of Directors, 4-paid staff members, and many trained volunteers. NGFP serves over 600 individuals each year.

State and local grants, foundations, and individual and business donors fund NGFP. Primary supporters include Promoting Safe & Stables Family, Big Canoe Chapel, Big Canoe Chapel's Women Fellowship, Pickens County Thrift Store, and the Hamill Family Foundation.

NGFP relies on donations from individuals and businesses in our community. Donations are tax-deductible and are always welcomed!


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